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  1. HIPAA’s new FAQs about Health and Wellness Apps and Your PHI

    Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a set of FAQs from the Office of Civil Rights. HIPAA’s new FAQs are meant to address the HIPAA right of access as it relates to health and wellness apps designated for use by patients and application programming interfaces (APIs) used by providers’ electronic health […]

  2. New Bipartisan Bill Aimed at Reducing Health Care Costs Proposed

    The Senate Health Committee proposed a bipartisan bill last month.  Its called the Lower Health Care Costs Act. This bill addresses several issues of health care costs. For instance, surprise medical billing, reducing the cost of prescription drugs and the overall cost of delivering health care, and improving transparency. The proposed bill is the latest […]

  3. Will Your Business Be Sued for Liability in 2016?

    by talessandra

    Millions of liability-related lawsuits are filed each year, costing businesses billions of dollars. With a median sticker price of over $50,000, each liability suit is like a ticking time-bomb. Though many may be settled outside of court, businesses around the country are crippled every year by the burden of paying legal fees, settlement costs, and […]

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