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  1. Proposed Overtime Rule

    Earlier this year the Department of Labor issued a proposed overtime rule. It would establish new salary thresholds for the “white collar” exemptions to the overtime payment requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Under the proposed overtime rule, the salary threshold would increase from $23,660 to $35,308 per year. The proposed rule would […]

  2. OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule: General Industry and Maritime

    OSHA's Crystalline Silica Rule

    OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule is intended to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica in order to allow employers to tailor solutions to their specific workplaces. About 295,000 workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica in over 75,000 general industry and maritime workplaces. Exposure to respirable crystalline silica can cause kidney disease, silicosis, lung […]

  3. The Five Essentials of Disaster Planning

    by talessandra

    No one would dispute that disaster planning is an essential aspect of running any company, yet many managers have a tendency to put it off. Too many other priorities compete for their attention. But the reality is that a disaster or emergency can strike at any time. If and when that happens, your company must […]

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