Top 5 Questions Businesses Should Be Asking about Cyber Liability

by talessandra

shutterstock_92934382 - Copy (2)Cyber attacks are growing increasingly prevalent and menacing throughout California and across the country. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have proven susceptible, and massive quantities of data have been compromised. And while there are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood that cyber attackers will be successful in penetrating your sensitive data, there are no guarantees. Even some of the largest and most sophisticated companies have been hacked.

While loss of your business data is punishing in and of itself, the liability exposure due to leaking of confidential client information is a significantly greater concern monetarily. Legal fees alone could crush your organization. This is why a cyber liability shield is so crucial for any business in 2015 (and beyond) – particularly those with substantial quantities of sensitive client data. But most businesses aren’t even asking the questions. Here are 5 we feel should be a part of the conversation:

  1. What is my liability exposure going to look like after a cyber attack?
  2. Does it matter who/where/when/how/why my business was attacked?
  3. What can I do to help protect myself against cyber attacks?
  4. What are the best steps to take to protect my reputation in the event of data security breach?
  5. Which costs will a cyber liability policy cover?

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