Umbrella & Specialty Insurance

Umbrella Insurance: Catch-all Coverage for Exposed Risk

An umbrella policy can provide financial protection for you and your family, should you be held liable for harming another person or causing damage to his or her property.  Some liability coverage automatically comes with your home or auto policy, but that coverage also comes with payout limitations which could leave you responsible for overflow costs of claims or lawsuits.  A comprehensive umbrella policy covers you, just like an umbrella, and provides liability protection beyond the limits of your other policies.  Additionally, it protects you for things that your homeowners or auto policy doesn’t, such as:

  • Claims of libel or slander
  • Instances of false arrest
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Emotional anguish

Insurance Solutions can help you calculate the amount of umbrella insurance—also known as excess liability insurance—that you need based on your potential risks, asset values and potential for loss of future income.

Peace of Mind on Your Wedding Day

If you’re planning a wedding, you are gearing up for a very special—and potentially expensive—day.  With so much time, energy and money invested in your celebration, it’s more necessary than ever to have insurance that will reimburse you, should disaster strike.  Wedding insurance can be purchased at a reasonable rate, so even if your wedding is small and modest, you can weigh the cost and the return when considering wedding insurance, which includes protection in cases of:

  • Attendee injury
  • Property damage liability
  • Wedding-related activities
  • Rental/maintenance of facilities
  • Negligence
  • Costs associated with investigation or defense of claims

Specialty Insurance: Not Just for Weddings

Your wedding day isn’t the only thing worth protecting with specialty insurance coverage.  If you are a vendor providing services at a wedding or special event, it’s in your best interest to protect your own assets as well.  Vendor insurance provides coverage similar to that of wedding insurance, but it protects vendors rather than those throwing the party.  Similarly, performance artists provide entertainment to their clients and customers, and protecting themselves with performer insurance is a necessary part of safeguarding against liability claims.  The realm of specialty insurance reaches beyond an event or performance; if you own a martial arts studio or are a personal trainer or yoga instructor, you’ll need a specialty insurance policy that protects you against a unique set of risks.  Of course, if you are a dog or cat owner interested in pet insurance, Insurance Solutions can help find specialty coverage for your furry family members, too!

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