Restaurants & Hospitality

Cookie-cutter commercial lines insurance policies are simply insufficient for the restaurant and hospitality industry. The risks you face are unique, so your insurance policy must be unique as well. At Insurance Solutions, we understand the nuances of the hospitality industry and work closely with our valued clients to create all-encompassing insurance policies that protect against liability exposures and property loss. We specialize in all types and sizes of hospitality businesses:

  • Hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Food trucks

Tailored Coverage

One of the reasons that the hospitality industry is considered risky is because of the volume of exposures presented by day-to-day operations. Employees are exposed to cleaning chemicals, stoves and heated appliances, putting their health on the line. Kitchen workers use routinely use sharp utensils and are especially susceptible to slip and falls. Lifting heavy items—or even just standing for long periods of time—can cause on-the-job injuries. In addition, business owners face other exposures, such as being liable for the food they serve and the safety of their guests.

The experienced agents at Insurance Solutions will work with you to determine the right levels of coverage to protect you and your business. Consider the type of specialized coverage that your business may need:

  • General liability – As a business owner, this is the building block of all comprehensive commercial insurance policies. But, for those in the restaurant industry, this minimum level of coverage will not provide complete protection. Supplement this basic policy with additional coverages for all-encompassing protection.
  • Commercial property – The physical, brick-and-mortar building out of which you operate is only a portion of what’s protected via commercial property coverage. The equipment and appliances you rely on every day are also covered.
  • Commercial auto – Delivery trucks, town cars, limousines and shuttles all need to be insured to protect both drivers and passengers.
  • Business interruption – Should your business need to temporarily close due to disaster, business interruption insurance can help you recoup your losses.
  • Liquor liability – Because most restaurants, hotels and resorts serve alcohol, a liquor liability policy is necessary and unique to the hospitality industry. The risks associated with alcohol are significant, so it is imperative that you protect your customers, your staff and yourself.
  • Cyber liability –  The hospitality and food service industry is the target of over 50% of all cyber attacks. Protect yourself against data breach liabilities with cyber liability insurance.
  • Employment practices liability (EPLI) – EPLI safeguards employers against liabilities associated with claims of sexual harassment, hiring discrimination, and wrongful termination.
  • Workers’ compensation – Workers’ compensation is necessary for any business, but because the hospitality industry can pose significant risks, keeping workers’ compensation costs low can be particularly tricky.

Insurance Solutions recognizes that insurance is just one piece of a larger, overall risk management strategy. Our agency can provide extensive risk management resources to help you identify and mitigate the risks unique to your industry. See our Safety & Compliance page for more information, or contact our office at 866-335-8602.

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